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Experienced Arborist for over 40 years

Keep your landscaping maintained with fertilization, pest control, weed prevention, pruning and general all around plant advice.  My goal is maintaining healthy trees by preventing disease and promoting growth.

Take care of small issues early

Caring for your landscaping improves your property values.  Promoting growth with fertilization is just the start.  Insects and diseases can spread and must be caught early.  My goal is to maintain your property with good practice, good advice and good humor.

Customer Satisfaction

My customer base is well established in the Pagosa Springs area over the past 14 years.  My customers are your neighbors;  I can provide you with referrals.  We start every project by providing a thorough consultation to understand your goals and timing needs for your trees and landscaping.  


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Craig Taylor

Certified Arborist, Member ISA rm-2555, Licensed, Insured.  

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